Intellectual dating site

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Intellectual dating site

You will get a general overview of the registration process.

CIPO will give you the basic information you need to file your own application; however, we cannot complete your application for you, search existing designs for you or give you an opinion about whether your design is a good one.The proprietor is usually the creator of the design, someone who has hired the creator, or someone who has come to own the design through an arrangement such as an assignment.In Canada, you can apply to register your industrial design at any time if your design has never been published (i.e., you have never made it available to the public).If your design has been published, you must file for registration within the next 12 months.CIPO processes applications on a first-come, first-served basis.If you prepare your application properly, the registration should happen fairly quickly as long as your design is found to be original.

If your application is not complete or if changes are needed, the process will take longer.

This is true of many manufactured products; their value to people depends not only on what they do, but also on how they look.

Manufacturers put a lot of money and know-how into their industrial designs and this is why an original design is considered to be valuable IP.

The title should be the common name that the public generally knows and uses (e.g., "lighter", "chair", "spoon", "t-shirt").

Your description, along with the drawings and the title, must give an accurate picture of the design.

Your industrial design is worth a lot of time and money, and it may make the difference between whether or not you or your company is successful. If you are the owner of an original industrial design, registering the design will give you the exclusive right to it.